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XX CONGRESS SADI 2020, Buenos Aires, Argentina

XX CONGRESS SADI 2020, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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XX CONGRESS SADI 2020 21.-23.5.2020
International Society of travel medicine

Dear friends, colleagues and health professionals:

We are pleased to welcome you to the XX Congress of the Argentine Infectious Society, which we will take place in May 21 - 23, 2020 in Buenos Aires. On this occasion the Congress will be held jointly with the 8th Regional Congress of the International Society of Travel Medicine (8RCISTM) and the V Congress of the Latin American Society of Travel Medicine (V CSLAMVI).

We have chosen as the theme of our Congress "SADI without Borders", not only because of the joint work with international societies but also because we want to work together with other scientific societies and strengthen ties for inter and multidisciplinary tasks. This opening will be this opening will be reflected for the first time, within the Congress, into position papers made jointly with locally and internationally recognized societies.

The venue chosen on this occasion is also consistent with our motto "Without Borders", since Buenos Aires has always been open to receive people from all over the world, which is evident in the idiosyncrasy and culture of its people and in how cosmopolitan it is as a city.

We have programmed various scientific activities: round tables, conferences, symposia, workshops, presentation of communications, among others and we will have a whole module for travel medicine, emerging and tropical diseases.

In addition, a cultural program has been prepared: “SADI: Science and Art”, and an art contest (painting, ceramics and photography) that will have the slogan “Travel and emotions”, in the permanent search of SADI to generate different approaches with the community

We want the Congress to be a place for exchanging ideas and experiences as well as for individual and collective learning and that contributes to improving our professional practice.

We wait for you all

We wish you to enjoy this congress and stay in Buenos Aires!

21.05.2020 09:00
23.05.2020 16:00

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